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Mind Control Hack #1 014

When you need to change or improve your mind frame, how do you do it? Check out these hacks that can push you beyond what your emotions would do and put you in control. After the video, read more at http://kurtyazici.com/mind-control-hack-1-this-tip-will-allow-you-to-take-control. http://kurtyazici.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/014MindControlHack1.m4aPodcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS


Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur With This One Tip – Emotional Agility 013

Yellow! It’s Wednesday the 4th of July, happy birthday MERIKA! On this post I’m bringing a topic that is very relevant to us entrepreneurs. Emotions. More specifically an understanding around “emotional agility” and how to persevere in spite of more challenging emotions. Okay, well maybe us toughest of the bunch aren’t supposed to feel them […]

The Best Trick for Decision Hacks, IFS-011

Hello there! I’m excited about this post because I think it’s a bit out there but also extremely relevant to anyone who wants to improve and develop themselves. Because growth is so much about getting outside your comfort zone and there’s often inner challenges holding us back from doing exactly just that. It’s also largely […]