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Become An Unstoppable Entrepreneur With This One Tip – Emotional Agility 013

Yellow! It’s Wednesday the 4th of July, happy birthday MERIKA! On this post I’m bringing a topic that is very relevant to us entrepreneurs. Emotions. More specifically an understanding around “emotional agility” and how to persevere in spite of more challenging emotions. Okay, well maybe us toughest of the bunch aren’t supposed to feel them […]

The Best Trick for Decision Hacks, IFS-011

Hello there! I’m excited about this post because I think it’s a bit out there but also extremely relevant to anyone who wants to improve and develop themselves. Because growth is so much about getting outside your comfort zone and there’s often inner challenges holding us back from doing exactly just that. It’s also largely […]

Opportunity Cost 007

What is up everyone?! Kurt here, back with another post on a topic that I’m really excited to write about, opportunity cost! The loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. The idea that if I go and do this, I’m losing out on the opportunity to do that. I believe it’s […]

Your word and full responsibility 006

Let’s talk about two things I think many people today struggle with.. 1) KEEPING THEIR WORD and 2) TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned a tremendous amount around these two areas and I think they’re incredibly powerful leverage points for anyone who’s looking to make dramatic, effective changes in their lives. […]

Three Keys to Crushing 005

With almost half of 2018 gone I thought it would be wise to reflect on three habits that I’ve benefitted greatly from over the past 18 months. These are things that have impacted my life to help support and fuel my success. Now these may sound obvious but actually doing them is quite a different […]

Moving to Austin 004

I’m moving to Austin! Crushvertise is moving there too!! I wanted to share my thinking behind the decision and expand a bit on why I’m making the move and why I think, YOU may need make a move yourself. In 2012 I made my first major life move and I moved from downtown Seattle to […]