Lately, it’s occurred to me that decisions carry incredible power.

I’ve always known that thoughts were powerful, but until recently I really didn’t realize how powerful decisions were.

In this brief I’m going to discuss a bit about:
1. My recent decisions I’ve made and how they’ve turned out.
2. The Think and Grow Rich mindset of decision making.
3. Deciding on your future and why you’ll appreciate yourself and your life so much for doing that.

When I think back at the last 6 months of my personal and professional life making decisions has been tremendously impactful and progressive. The more specific and impactful I can be the more I find myself making massive changes and taking tremendous action. Creativity follows commitment.

Decisions such as:
1. Firmly deciding to relocate my company from Seattle to Austin – end of our lease this year
2. Going to Date with Destiny back last December
3. Hiring a business coach to help me build out this channel of communication
4. Bringing my Seattle managers to Unleash The Power Within, Anthony Robbins San Jose
5. Hiring & expand our media buying sales team – now having 2 of 3 job offers accepted effectively tripling that team
6. Building out and powering our hiring funnels – deciding we need a better HR recruitment process for our internal / external teams
7. Committing to meetings with mentors, conferences, future schedule dates and daily meditation
8. And perhaps the most important cutting off the “decision” yes the decision to focus on fearful items and concepts when not resolving them
This one is very personal to me, having dealt with crippling anxiety causing trauma pulling me into depression. I personally know how difficult it can be to avoid the “negative thinking” cycle when you’re inside that vortex. But even the decision to believe or doubt you cannot avoid that vortex is a decision you need to make. More to come in future writings on how to spin yourself out of the “spiral.”

There’s a lot of books on being a better decision maker and that’s not really what this post is about. I’m talking about getting in practice and raw reps for your decision making muscle about things you know in your gut are calling on you. The things that bubble up (not out of avoidance or fear) but out of a higher calling for you and who you want to become. I’m talking about making more of those specific, definite decisions with a deep commitment and timeline.

As simple as this this sounds, just think about the last time you really made a decision and that translated into a firm commitment to do something, to change a habit or to end a relationship. One of the underlying themes of one of my favorite books “Think and Grow Rich” is making that “BURN THE BOATS” type decision.

The kind of decision where there is no plan B is often looked at as wreckless, but if you look at human psychology it’s often one of the only ways to cut off other options to truly decide with relentless commitment. And though I’m not saying you should be wreckless or unhealthy or have all your future held up on one thing I am saying you probably need to be more wreckless than you are being currently.

It’s a lot like going for it with asking someone out. Yeah you might get rejected, smacked or socially embarrassed but more often than not you won’t and the upside is usually much greater than the downside. And you’re moving in a direction.

Almost never do I meet someone who makes too many decisions too often. The ones I do see are almost always over-achiever superstars in whatever they’re doing. Most millennials I meet whether it’s interviewing for our team or considering hiring I see a recurring theme that I believe stems largely from indecision. “I don’t know what I should do.” “I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do.” They’re not fully committed and you can see it in their entire physiology.

My advice, is usually some variation of what are you good at? What do you like? What would you enjoy pumping out/working on? This conversation takes 5 minutes, then I tell them to niche that down and tighten it up into a market and make a decision to do something as soon as possible. And commit and set a deadline so this thing is scheduled and will be completed by X date. A lot like this post, video and podcast I had to decide to crank this out. It’s not a revenue driving task for my business or life, but I made a decision that this is something I need to do, a deep calling within myself and now I am publishing it and building my skills to publish more content.

And to put things in context you look at life in the grand scheme of things if you look back on your life (as cliche as this sounds) I don’t think you’ll be impressed with the lack of decisions you made or freaked out by the mistakes you made. I think you’re much more likely to look back and see a series of courageous decisions and commitments that have truly guided you to where you wanted to be.

So decide who you’re going to be first, and then start taking massive action towards making that a real reality.

If you’re picking up what I’m dropping, drop me a comment and throw out a measurable real decision to commit.

Happy deciding!

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