I’m back this week and I’ve been working a LOT on a sales script and platform for my team.

This week is no exception, I’ve been hard on a new framework for a sales team we’re building over at Crushvertise. In my previous profession I became a master of phone sales. And I believe it’s such a valuable skill I’ve build out a give part series below to outline and provide insights into learning and mastering inside sales. This is raw internal content that I’m sharing with you readers, I look forward to your feedback as you digest, apply and get feedback on this dense five part series I’m rolling out. Enjoy!

Introduction to the whole series. This is going to be a five part high level introduction to inside sales, where we go into the structure and deeper process of phone sales. What it is, the psychology on the phone, and the framework for improving your process. In addition to the process of inside sales we’ll dive into my favorite part, the technical structure and scripts.

So that said what is inside sales? Well inside sales is selling from inside your organization, traditional over the phone. Famous movies like “Boiler Room” and “Glengarry Glen Ross.””

The beautiful thing about inside sales is you can do it from literally anywhere. You don’t have to travel to your prospects’ offices or present at a convention trade show. You literally pick up your phone AND CALL your prospect.

So many people do SUCH bad phone sales. And so MANY people make it sound like such a terrible, bad thing to do. But phone sales is incredibly powerful and you can ABSOLUTELY build a massive business if you master this skill and build out the systems and team to support scaling your call volume.

When I started at Zillow, a company that now does over $1B in sales, we were an inside sales driven organization we began with just 30 reps cold calling and following up with inbound product inquiries. When I left we were well over 300 reps. Sales was the lifeblood and inside sales is an incredible way to glean value and directly get to know your customers and their biggest challenges.

From direct sales feedback the product and marketing teams can then innovate because they’re getting a direct line of feedback in real time straight from the customer front lines.

So with that said, how can one become an outstanding inside seller? Well realize first, sales is a lot like running a business. You have to stay extremely focused on driving your sales. And you’re going to experience a lot of distractions and reasons that will pull you off that course. But it starts with managing and leading yourself on your activity.

Activity = call volume, call presentations, customer touches. It’s all about reaching out and generating more interest and desire to buy. The MAJORITY OF SALES PEOPLE struggle in this department TERRIBLY. Their sales dip, their struggling to hit their quota and when you ask them how many outbound calls they make, how many presentations they give, their #’s are usually orders of magnitude below what your top 1-3% of reps are producing. Now there’s more to being a great sales rep than simply maintain a high level of activity, but that’s one place that will dramatically and almost immediately get an individual or team back on track.

You need a prospecting, calling, noting and follow up strategy so that you can quickly, efficiently and accurately call down lists and build call “momentum.” A lot like trying to get into the social flow if you’re sitting there spending 2-3, 5 minutes in between calls trying to find your next prospect you’re likely going to struggle.

Optimize your calling strategy. Just optimize your ability to keep the phone ringing. Make absolutely certain you can easily sort through and follow up on prospects. Eliminate downtime in between those calls. For most sales positions you will have viable legitimate prospects you want to follow up and reach. There’s always a period of time to dedicate to working through those lists of prospects and reaching them. Now this partly blends into follow up. But overall you have to MANAGE this and properly make sure this gets handled.

Energy = How excited and deeply do you feel that the person you’re reaching out to will dramatically benefit from this product and service? In our case, we offer a lean and extremely cost effective solution to real estate agents. It’s fully managed, fully customized and is probably the best lead generation solution for Instagram and Facebook that an agent could buy.

Energy has to be higher, you must convey through your TONALITY a level of EXCITEMENT that gets your prospect to feel that excitement. The majority of purchase decisions are made first on emotion and later justified rationally. Emotion gets them to pull out their credit card, and logic keeps them feeling good about the purchase, justified in it.

Before I ever make a call, I take a brief moment (okay not always, I will often just make the call – because ACTIVITY is KING, when calling down my follow ups – which BTW should only be listed on my follow ups if they are people genuinely excited and strongly qualified to buy). But every time I go prospecting and cold calling or find myself following up from a particular event or certain lead source I will get myself jazzed up about why this product/service is going to be the NEXT BEST THING for them since a slice of bread.

AND if you’re not personally carrying that enthusiasm you need to ask yourself why you’re selling what you’re selling? What are your best clients saying, and getting? Watch a few of your best testimonials and read through your champion client feedback. Build up yourself – you’re going to be dialing and going to war in a space where 100s of other business sales teams are calling your prospects. The sad fact is very few of them are going to put in the effort to really bring this energy. And they get rejected and never ever get results.

Strategy = Success in your business. When do you call who? How long do you call into a given market for? What markets do you choose to call? And how about the customer types you are calling, how do you choose them?

A big piece of selling is selling with momentum. Another MAJOR ERROR in judgement less experienced, less effective sellers indulge in is taking a break, letting off the gas, losing that powerful momentum. You do NOT want to do that. When you make a sale, you want to celebrate that success by blowing right into another call to transfer that excitement and enthusiasm to another. And another.. Ride that wave of momentum.!

I remember days when I would literally make 10-12 sales. I think one day I dropped my first deal at 7am and was closing my last at 6pm, I used to keep a mini fridge under my desk so I could bring drinks and food and have it right there at my desk. I never understood why people wanted to step away from their income generating phone and inbox!

So now that we’ve covered these fundamentals, part II which we’ll be releasing next week and in that segment we’ll go into the details of a framework for an opening script, transition and presentation. We’ll go into the principles as to why I say what I say and how you can best leverage and use the script to your advantage.

If you liked this content, hit the like button, subscribe, let me what you think and stay tuned for next week’s content because we’re going to go deep into the actual script portion of what exactly it is you want to say and not to say while on the call.

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