Part III: Presenting, Discovering the Pain

Transitioning to the presentation is where you get to get your prospects excited about the product. Now at this point, usually the prospect will still need to better understand and feel rapport from you. This is where matching and mirroring can come in to help.

Mirror: Mirroring is the idea that people communicate and respond best to individuals that are very much like themselves. If you’re a LOUD talker and you’re salesman is whispering at you it’s probably not going to as strong a connection as would be the case if you’re able to step up your volume and energy to communicate on that level.

Don’t read too much into this, but be mindful and aware of it. Matching communication and styles of your prospect will benefit you immensely in building rapport faster. With stronger rapport you can then forge a more advocative vs adversarial role with your prospects. Humans tend to like and buy from other humans that are similar to them. Practicing noticing when you’re on the call the style, tone, volume, things that are mentioned and go from there.


Even if you don’t have rapport you’ll want to launch into the presentation if they’re still on the line. You should have a quick 2-3 minute script to clearly, concisely and relevantly showcase the product, how it works and the specifics.

The typical goal in the sales presentation is to bubble out the relevant, urgent value to your prospect (selling) and uncover their challenges and business gaps. You’ll want to feed over concise value nuggets and then pause to gather feedback.

A few other points when looking at this presentation, (1) I’m demonstrating why and how it works. Demonstrability sells products to consumers. Get strong at demonstrating how and why your product works. You can’t just tell a prospect what they’re going to get, you have to explain why what you’re giving them is valuable. (2) Highlight the GAP. Human beings are intrinsically wired to avoid missing out. Explain how they’re missing out. (3) Proactive destroy the competition. Go in there and find out what they’re doing. Confirm that what we offer is

[Live Example Business to Business Sales Presentation] [Brackets explain my thinking]

Crushvertise is one of the fastest growing Facebook Instagram Real-time lead generation platforms. [Establishing our reputation] We touch the majority of home consumers before they even go to the largest Real estate platforms: Zillow, Trulia or In addition we focus on real-time live lead opt in which means, unlike other platforms like BoldLeads, Ylopo or other social lead sources we don’t delay, recycle or re-sell consumer contact info – we connect the prospect directly and instantly with our clients. (Are you with me?)

For every zip code, we sell a single position, (making you the exclusive point of contact for ALL the buyers and sellers in that targeted market). [Adding in urgency and exclusivity]

This product positions your face and page on THE TWO BIGGEST digital feeds on the planet, Facebook and Instagram. Not only does it position you, but it leverages Facebook’s data to auto-populate the consumer’s info and re-target users who engage with the ad. That means if learns who is more engaged with the content and who is not. [More demonstration]

At this point in the presentation likely take a moment to pause and assess where the prospect is at. Are they following me? And I’d specifically attempt to inquire into their current social media strategies to see if they’re doing anything “comparable” to what we’re offering.

If they are doing something they think is comparable I would probe further to see how similar it is vs if it really isn’t comparable and take the call from there.

Again I’m looking to find and BLOW UP the missing pain point in their business that my product will fill the need for. So once I’m in with some rapport I quickly dive into the hunt of figuring out if my product and solution fills that need. And if not I want to get off the phone with them as quickly as possible.

When in doubt, stick to the old adage “facts tell and stories sell is very true.”

Pepper in stories of client success, of current product success. If you’re selling business to business, namedrop and use large name successful businesses that you work with to forge credibility.

Oh you’re in Seattle, do you know Lucas Pinto, he will do $30M this year and we manage his social media directly.

[Adding in credibility]

We have over 100 clients, and we’re now spending over $1M/year in Facebook ad campaigns.

Crushvertise is a digital agency, we started five years ago by a top Zillow exec. At the time we realized how many agents were missing the opportunity to capitalize on the explosion of consumer activity on Facebook and Instagram. We realized there was a MASSIVE opportunity to capitalize on developing effective lead generation marketing solutions to capture these consumers. We’ve grown to a team of over 20 account managers, designers, developers, and media buyers who work closely together to keep our advertising and solutions highly profitable and effective.

[Consumer Experience Example]

Let’s take an example .. a homeowner in your targeted area goes on their Instagram, loads their customized feed and browses through their curated content and BOOM right in the middle of their fully engaged browsing session with a call to action floating right in front of their eyes, your face, your ad image and your call to action are there. You’re shown to hundreds of consumers repeatedly as they browse their content several dozens of times / day and as a result you receive contacts generated from these users.

All and all a successful presentation should leave your prospect feeling even more aware of their biggest pain points and (this is important) “feeling” as though you are the gold standard solution to their pain. And frankly if you’re a strong sales rep this shouldn’t be a question in your mind. 98% of salespeople just aren’t going to be worth the weight of their bodies when it comes to servicing, selling and caring for their clients’ best interests.

It takes a dynamic, creative, analytical and passionate seller to really create a great sales experience for their clients. You have to care first for your clients, and be committed to selling them the best product (yours) on the market. This approach to presenting will be exceptionally powerful if you carry that level of belief.

Find their Pain this part cannot be overstated. Your primary mission on the call once you’ve built rapport and established credibility to be your prospect’s advocate is to highlight their pain and BLOW IT UP. Dig into their biggest pain point (as it relates to how your product solves that pain) and stay focused on showing them how your product fills that need with ease.

Listen: Another piece to all of this is listening to the prospect. Although early on you’ll be doing most of the talking, once you establish rapport and showcase the value and product you’ll want to let the client “sell themselves.” Most clients will sell themselves quite easily if you’re in at this stage. You’ve already qualified them, you’ve established that they don’t have what you have and your product is of high value so now you just need to gently guide them into talking into purchasing the product.

In the final two parts we’ll talk about bringing it all home and bringing everything together so we can close out the sale and support the prospect in making a prompt and successful purchase decision.

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