Part V: Closing

You’ve made it! You’re in the home stretch of your presentation where you get to ask for the money and commitment right here, right now.

The work’s been done: If you’ve done the work effectively to this point then you won’t have to do much work here. The work has already been done and you’re simply collecting payment and confirming the purchase terms. Reinforcing the purchase decision and the next steps.

Ask for the money: Remember to ask for the money. Remember to re-state the terms of both payment and the contract – there shouldn’t be a lack of clarity on this. Get their credit card / payment method properly read that back and insert that into your merchanting gateway, i.e. Stripe, Braintree or whatever system you and your billing team use. Walk them through completing and signing the contract for their commitment.

If you have an opportunity to offer a larger one-time up front payment (perhaps adding in a slight discount) move forward with offering this. The client will appreciate the opportunity to pay in bulk and have it handled and many prefer avoiding monthly payments when they can get a discount.

The finalizing and completion of the purchase process should be quick, easy and simple as possible for the client. If you have major delays in taking payment or getting things signed, re-evaluate your process and see where you can make changes. Simply that process and clean up the clarity around the contract, if needed.

Post-sale communication: Be clear on the next steps as to what will happen for the client. If they have to jump another call, if someone will follow up with them or if there’s any other details they want. Make sure to have a thorough and clear process for your team to follow up with clients and make sure they are properly handled and their BILLING is properly managed. (i.e. invoice is sent, credit card is properly charged and added to the system, client is provided a receipt etc.)

Concessions: Sometimes you’ll get a client asking for additional concessions at the closing of the sale, throw me this, throw me that. You generally don’t want to throw in additional offerings at this point. For one thing, they’ve already made the purchase decision and it’s highly unlikely given up to this point they are buying what you’ve presented and provided payment, that they’re going to pull back on buying. People love to buy once they’ve made the decision.

Maintaining a strong frame at this juncture and avoid conceding anything additional. By conceding additional concessions while you have their card in hand, at some level you’re confirming that what you’re offering might not measure up to the value of what you’re asking. But the reality is that it really is. They need your product and service – you didn’t get to this point prospecting, qualifying and working through all the objections to then change things up. Finish strong and finalize the sale with confidence and value.

Bonus Material:

REMEMBER your product / service is superior, BECAUSE you are superior. People BUY from people they like. As humans we do business with other humans. You are a large piece of the value you are adding to your clients. NEVER forget this.

Celebrate your sales. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for accomplish what you did. It takes hard work, persistence and perseverance to consistently sell. You earned it through your consistent and dedicated hard work. Nobody can take that away from you and you’ve earned it. Be proud of the lives and service you’re providing for your clients.



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