This post is going to be short, but extremely valuable.

As you might have caught on, I’m always fascinated with ways to better direct the mind, discipline and emotions. Sometimes you can’t direct any of them, other times you get a bit more control in directing. In any case, no matter how well or no so well it’s going, discipline will help you build and keep the habits which keep you on your path..

In the last article we talked about Emotional Agility, which really gives oneself a powerful tool to face the often challenging feelings of discomfort, we entrepreneurs hate being comfortable, but also shouldn’t have to perpetuate a cycle of chronic stress. One way to keep from getting stuck in that cycle is through better learning to directing the conscious mind.

The nervous system and unconscious can be conditioned over time to empower one to achieve their goals, and I big input to all of that is the conscious condition. One of the most powerful ways to begin that programming is through learning how to master your focus. Specifically doing that through setting your intentions.

That’s right, arguably intention setting is the only conscious thing we can do. Webster defines setting your intention as “a determination to act in a certain way.” “A concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge.”

When you think about it from an evolutionary perspective having the ability to stay completely focused on a single object without getting distracted was probably disadvantageous. The argument is that attention wandering was a natural process of scanning the environment and staying fixated on a single object may not allow one to catch that sneaking predator or pick up on their elusive prey.

This is arguably why social media and short video clips have TAKEN OVER main stream media. The amount of content released, as well as the duration that media lasts gotten more and more punchy. IT’S LOUD AND IT’S SHORT. Way more attention grabbing short sports of content. Even while you’re reading this relatively short post you’ve probably shifted your focus to something even if it’s for a brief moment.

So with all that said, what you do? Is it really entirely out of your control? Are we all just naturally ADHD at different levels of the spectrum going through the motions of our upbringing and programming?

Well, I’ll credit Brendon Burchard as well as John Yates for the specific outlines on setting intention. And I’ll go a step further and pull most of the below from The Mind Illuminated which covers some in depth technical steps for focused un-guided meditation. But there are ways to build this “Mind Muscle” to train longer more laser like attention.

To take control of your conscious mind you’ll have to practice these keys:

1) Consciously pause before a task that requires attention, set a specific tangible goal and..

2) Set your intention to stay focused purposefully and diligently on that task and..

3) Remind yourself of the motivation as to why you’re focusing on doing this task and..

4) Only after going through this check-list proceed to doing the work..

Now here’s the kicker, when you start implementing these four steps you’re going to fail. You’re going to drift off your tasks, you’re going to get caught wandering and not staying focused. That’s part of the game, but the trick to all of this is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT OF YOURSELF. Along with CONSISTENT REPETITION. Just like training a dog, the mind will take not only training but conditioning.

Don’t scold yourself and punish yourself when you try and do something great and instead of staying really focused get off track, instead once you have that ah-ha moment of remembering what you were focused on remind that part of yourself of how grateful you are that it helped you get back on track.

That’s it, plain and simple:

– Pause before the task to set a tangible, specific goal, set an intention to stay focused and diligently working on it, remind yourself of your motivation and then remember to keep positive reinforcing yourself as you work through your task and train your mind to stay focused longer and more intently.

Until next time, keep crushing!

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