I’m moving to Austin! Crushvertise is moving there too!!

I wanted to share my thinking behind the decision and expand a bit on why I’m making the move and why I think, YOU may need make a move yourself.

In 2012 I made my first major life move and I moved from downtown Seattle to Greenwich Village New York City. I was offered an incredible position in midtown with an incredible company and the idea of changing cities seemed exciting.

NYC is certainly a life experience I hope many people will get the opportunity to have. The city is ALIVE and it really connects you with a lot of greatness of all kinds. It has so MUCH to offer. It teaches you life skills around interacting with people you just can’t get in a smaller cities. You’re constantly bombarded with strangers, stimulus and chaos, and that combination trains you to adapt quickly and respond effectively.

It attracts top individuals from all over the world and in all kinds and you get inspired. The people you meet can be CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers, Celebrities, Artists, it attracts an incredible quality of person. Proximity is power!

Moving to NYC I learned more in that two year span than any other period of my life. The complete transplant into a new place with no friends, no family, no prior experience scrambled a lot of my prior self. The exposure, interactions and learnings you get in a city like that can’t be matched in other places.

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch and I met my inspiration, a young, highly successful internet marketer while living there. He inspired me to take the leap! Had I not been in NYC I’m almost positive I wouldn’t have started Crushvertise.

As my career progressed and I approached 30, I realized that I was getting way too comfortable “earning a living.” In my mind I’ve had always wanted to start my own business. The challenge for me, and frankly I think for a LOT of others is that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wouldn’t decide. But with that inspiration I was able to take the leap.

I’ve spend the last three years back in Seattle, where I’m originally from. I moved back while starting up Crushvertise because at the time it didn’t make financial sense to remain in the high costs of Manhattan while I was bootstrapping and working all the time. Everything’s more expensive and I had an opportunity to move into a rent free space while I was creating the business.

Fast forward and the company has grown to a place where it’s now consistently cashflow positive every single month. We have nearly 20 full-time employees and we’re operating out of a real office.

We’re in Seattle. Which is a great city, with an incredible tech presence and an amazing outdoors seen. Arguably some of the prettiest scenery in the continental US for hiking, snowboarding, kayaking.. you name it! That said you get a lot of gloom and we’re quite removed from the digital marketing minds I follow most closely. PS.. I just had my vitamin D levels checked and I was low, no bueno for my mental health!

In my previous career I traveled a lot. I was on a travel safes team, and then I managed one. I was on the road 2-4 weeks / month depending on how active we were. At the peak I think I had slept over 80 nights in a hotel. It was exciting, it was fun, it added a lot of variety to my life but I didn’t have much depth and stability. But I learned a tremendous amount about the country and was able to visit pretty much every major city from New Orleans, to Chicago to Miami to San Diego to Denver to Columbus. If it was a larger city chances are I’ve been there.

I really took advantage of this opportunity and would capture hotel/travel points and often spend my weekends checking out a city. I wasn’t just traveling for work, I would get a real opportunities to explore cities.


My favorite places were NYC, San Diego, LA and Austin. Each place has their pros and cons but Austin really stood out to me as a very livable, affordable place where I could really see myself actually living. It has such a great night life, food, weather (albeit a bit hot in peak summer months) and affordability combination. Every other city has a lot of these things too and in some cases better weather with SoCal, but you’re paying an insane financial premium that really isn’t worth it at this stage of my business and life.

You’re compromising almost nothing else unless you’re really looking for that SoCal beach, I’m more of a Hawaii beach guy myself.. And NYC just gives you an insane diversity of culture, people and food.. But the weather and all the crap you end up dealing with living in that city just isn’t worth it to me.  The other main point to mention is proximity, when choosing a city. Being physically close to the minds, the people that are critically important to your success is extremely important.

Austin not only has a rad combination of great weather, food, lifestyle and affordability but there are BIG name thinkers there. Names like Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, Noah Kagan, as well as some of our biggest affiliates marketing peers I know.

People always TALK about making a move. They talk about how cool it would be to live somewhere but they NEVER do it! There’s the hassle of moving, the logistics, the friends you’re leaving, the convenience, all the challenges.

But life is too damn short and you’re not a tree! If you really like a place, and it makes a lot of sense – GO FOR IT! Make the decision to do it! And watch and see how the universe will align to help you make it happen.

In our case things are far from perfect in regards to timing and how life is going. BUT, we’re on the right trajectory growing at the right pace and realize that delaying this any further will be pausing my life. I can’t wait! I’m so stoked!

Let me know what you think. Are you thinking of moving and holding back? If so what’s stopping you from getting after it and why can’t you decide and just do it?

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