Holding an associates in Biology, and a bachelors in Electrical Engineering I’ve studied under very traditional, physical thinking. Lots of Newtonian physics and memorizing of the organization of cells and molecules.

In 2017 I experienced the worst “mood” of my life. I found myself in a pretty down state and always looking at problems, stuck in that thinking mode of “there’s so many problems.” It took a long time and a lot of effort but I’m back on the road to a much more productive, happy and positive experience of life.

One powerful element for me was that I always kept reading. Always searching for solutions. Even in the toughest times I always searched for the answers.

One major component to that has been visualization and mediation. And lately I’ve been listening and reading to Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a pioneer in epigenetics. He was cloning stem cells back in the late 60’s and is probably best known for his research supporting the idea that the environment has more to do with gene expression than the DNA itself. Our DNA is a blueprint but the environment is really what determines what is going to be produced.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a unique individual who suffered from what would almost certainly be a life-limiting injury. He was in a triathlon and was hit by a car and broke his back in several places. After returning to consciousness in a hospital bed he was told by not one, but three different doctors that he should undergo a major surgery if he was to have any chance at walking again. This guy refused the surgery and spent the next several weeks visualizing and imagining his body healing itself. I don’t recall the exact amount of time (2-3 months I think) but he literally used his mind and made a full recover. And in less than a few months and he was back racing again.

I mention both of these authors because I’ve been they talk a lot about thoughts and how they can directly impact the chemistry and physical healing abilities of your body.

Bruce talks about how when he was working with stem cells he would see how the fluid “environment” of the cells in the petri dishes would directly influence a different affect on cells of the same DNA but in different environments. He goes on to elaborate that your body is nothing more than a skin covered petri dish with blood as the fluid.

Your blood is the fluid that surrounds the cells and provides their environment and the chemistry of the blood is largely dictated by the brain and what the mind is perceiving. If you’re thinking negative, unproductive, panicky thoughts your body produces fight, flight, freeze chemicals and the chemistry of your blood stream surrounds your body’s cells and ultimately influences how your cells’ DNA is being expressed.

When we look at the health issues of today, a massive percentage of them can be attributed to stress. The chemicals the body produces that surround our cells are largely a result of what our mind is generating. Cancers, dis-ease, a large percentage of illness is caused by the fears in our minds. And these chemicals are fine for the body in short exposures, but over time they can be toxic. With prolonged exposure induced by the conscious mind projecting out fears, the body’s more primitive nervous system wasn’t designed for that. In fact consciousness came tens of millions of years after our instinctual, reptilian brains were well adapted react to threats in the physical environment. But when we started developing consciousness we now developed internal mind-made fears along with external real and that system doesn’t differentiate, it evolved without having to do so.

The idea here to take from this is that your thinking is directly affecting your nervous system which is directly affecting the chemistry surrounding your DNA which is directly influencing what is being produced. These thoughts are affecting your biology.

Bruce Lipton does a great job explaining the science and bridging the gap between newtonian and quantum physics. He’s a brilliant speaker and author and I highly recommend his content if you want to get more into the details of all of this.

Joe Dispenza makes believing mainstream. Where Bruce explains how the science works, I believe Joe fills in the gap by building on practicality with workshops and case studies. I’m currently finishing up his book Becoming Supernatural and have listened to both Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and You Are The Placebo.

What Joe has done is reverse engineered his self-healing experience and taken it to a larger level. He’s begun running workshops based on his research and experience to train people to meditate and visualize their own internal healing. He has incorporated energy measuring tools to measure the waves in both the brains of individuals as well as the room to compare the results.

According to him they’ve been able to determine and measure quantifiable data to support changes in key physical metrics. Heart rate variability, brain waves, magnetic wave fields within their rooms. A lot of Dispenza’s writing is going through examples of individual after individual experiencing these “miraculous” healings and making great recoveries.

I recently created a podcast with my good friend Lucas and in that cast we both talked about the power of gratitude. We talked about how important it is as business owners to incorporate a conscious practice of putting ourselves in a state of love and gratitude.

Currently I practice this daily by doing the Tony Robbins priming guided meditation daily. In addition I incorporate Louise Hay Mirror Work and her specifics to look into the mirror and stare into your eyes as you express feelings of love for yourself.

That about wraps up this post. I would love to get your feedback and hear what your thoughts are on the whole idea of how thoughts affect your biology and what sort of practices you’re utilizing daily to incorporate gratitude into your daily ritual.



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