With almost half of 2018 gone I thought it would be wise to reflect on three habits that I’ve benefitted greatly from over the past 18 months. These are things that have impacted my life to help support and fuel my success. Now these may sound obvious but actually doing them is quite a different story, so in this reflection I’m going to provide thoughts and distinctions I’ve developed to help incorporate them habitually into my being.  So without further delay, here’s the list: 1) always be committed to growing 2) journal every single day and 3) cut off interacting with people who aren’t in a like state of mind. Responsibility and Meditation would also creep in but those topics would be full posts on their own.

Each of these points/skills/activities have their own unique challenges implementing, but with determination and a little trick I picked up through Mini Habits you can definitely make powerful changes that stick in a relatively short period of time. You see changing any behavior when you’re outside of toddler life is going to require commitment and consistency and probably a bit of self-trickery to hack and get fully integrated. I’ve attempted to share some of my tips on these.

1. Always Committed to Growing – This one can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I think regardless of the areas in life you’re growing it is a strong commitment to always be improving in your most important areas of your life. For me that’s A) how I’m feeling emotionally and physically and B) how my business is growing its revenues and teams.

The “commitment” part of this means being dedicated every single day (yes that means every day, no weekends off) to growing. You need to build the habit and the habit comes from repetition and embracing the mindset that this is permanent and everywhere and not some temporary “phase” of life. Once you flip the thinking from I’m going to do this for a while, to this is who I am and I’m never going back to my old ways you’ve truly made the commitment. (Now everyone needs rest and needs to unplug, but the general mindset is still to always be committed day in day out when not on vacation or resting) You have to set goals, and you have to stay committed to hitting them.

Now when you adopt this mindset you’re going to generate a lot of resistance, both in your personal and professional life. Both internally and externally from others. I think for me one of the biggest challenges is a personal fear of stepping outside the norm, doing great things and making others feel uncomfortable or smaller. For me feeling uncomfortable and not being okay with being in that uncomfortable place was a big challenge for me. For a lot of people as they change and grow, their friends, families, and colleagues will see them start achieving success and feel left out, or worse start feeling bad about themselves.

They feel crummy for not also stepping up and making the commitment. It’s not easy to be committed to growing, it takes a strong amount of self-discipline. In fact I feel the emotions even when I write these posts and shoot these videos – I think to myself who am I to be qualified to write this type of material? Why don’t I simply fly under the radar? But then I realize that’s the natural feeling of human EXPANSION. If you’re not feeling that and seeing that resistance in your life, you’re likely not growing fast enough. So stay committed to your growth and thank the haters but realize it’s human nature and nothing personal for many to act that way. Those who truly love and support you will enjoy seeing you grow. And those who truly accept their own lives and themselves will be appreciative of the inspiration and success you are creating in yours.

2. Journal every single day – If I had to pick ONE single thing this would probably be it. Journal. Every. Day. You must, you have too. I’ve met so many people who don’t and the one’s I know who do are the ones with the strongest levels of SELF AWARENESS. And that means journaling enhances your ability to see what you’re doing. Writing down on paper, what’s inside your mind, recording it, keeping a written record not only helps you see your life more clearly but also adds a level of objectivity to it. When you’re in your head, in your mind assessing your mind it’s tough to see what’s actually going on. But when you can write things down, make firm commitments (per the above) to be decisive about your improvement, your life will transform in an incredible way and you can feel really good about that because you’re not only more effective at doing it, you get a chance to see it as well.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that directly correlates to my happiness it has to be PROGRESS. And journaling gives you an incredible record to realize and see that. I think when you’re an entrepreneur it can be difficult to realize how much is being accomplished or how outstanding you are becoming. I have used journaling so many times in my life to improve myself its usually the first thing I suggest to anyone who asks me for advice on where to start with their life-improvement journey.

Not only is it easy, but its simple. Now let me elaborate a bit on it being easy. I wanted to journal for months before I actually started and the reason I held myself back was because I wanted to do it the RIGHT way. I didn’t want to make a mistake or start journaling in a bad way.  The thing is there’s no wrong way to do it. Just put your pen on the paper and start writing about your life experience from your own perspective in ways that you think make the most sense for you. When I’m journaling I’m typically reflecting or progressing. So I’m either writing about what I am planning on accomplishing or working on, or I’m reflecting on what I’ve recently done and why I think it worked well, how I can improve it, what I really learned.

You see as humans we form habits and we often make the same silly mistakes over and over and over and over again. When we journal them down though, when we actually get them on paper we give ourselves the opportunity and clarity to see those patterns and come to terms with them as well as think through potential solutions.

The other thing I’ll mention about journaling is that I started with 30 seconds per night as the only rule to it. That was the rule, no matter what! If you dive into Mini Habits you’ll realize that a lot of the resistance is around starting the activity. The author actually got fit through committing to doing 1 push-up per night. What he found was that through simply being in that position able to do a single push-up, he was able to find himself often doing more once he started. I took this same philosophy to my journaling and committed to 30 seconds of journaling per night right before bed. Some nights I hated every moment of it and I’d end right at the timer, other nights I would write for up to 30 minutes reflecting.

3. Cut off people – No, I don’t mean driving! I mean you need to start consciously becoming aware and removing from your life, people that aren’t doing anything with their lives. Whether or not you realize it, you are becoming those people you’re near. Proximity is power, and the more time and investments you can make into people who fuel and feed you the better. If you’re hanging out and around people who aren’t inspiring you, that is a red flag that is directly your responsibility to resolve. Toxic people, generally speaking, aren’t going to cut you off, you have to cut them off.

Find individuals who motivate you and push you to be your best. People who aren’t supporting you need to be left to stay where they are. Remember you’re growing and changing and for a lot of folks they won’t be able to handle this because in their minds it can trigger a lot of negativity around their own lack of progress. Even people who simply aren’t growing are affecting you, so this directly correlates with individuals who are even status quo. I highly recommend you reach for the stars and stay away from others who aren’t going for it.

If you have a negative roommate, create a plan to minimize contact and move away. Believe me the extra $’s you’re saving by living with someone like that isn’t worth it. You’ll find ways to earn much more than you’re saving by changing your influences. If you’re dating someone who isn’t going anywhere, end it. I can personally relate to this, as it’s one thing to date someone who wants to go somewhere but it’s another thing to sit there and tolerate hearing them say that without actually making the changes and commitments. When there’s a real disconnect like that you have to move on. In addition it’s really easy to see where your friends are going based on who they are spending their time with. Are their friends doing anything meaningful and growth focused or are they drama and drain? Proximity is power and if you’re lying down with dogs you’re going to come up with fleas!

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