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On this post I want to talk about self-discipline.

Self-discipline is all about staying formal with yourself. Following rules and abiding by a code of conduct. Without it, consistency is rarely achieved, habits are almost never built and there’s often limited long-term progress through challenges.

I first really got turned on to the concept by Jim Rohn in his audio program “The Power of Ambition.” He talks at length about this. For me discipline was so logical, that as soon as I heard about the concept I later started incorporating it across my life in multiple areas.

Now when many people hear the word discipline they tend to run and think “prison” “disciplinary” “rules” “no freedom.” But as you’ll quickly realize you’re always operating under rules that you can never escape. You see you’re already bound to the rules of economics, to the laws of society, to the laws of physics, to the physical nature of your own human body. And many people are used to following these “rules” created by others and never setting rules for themselves.

But creating the rules you can follow to allow yourself to really skyrocket and level up in this world’s rules is something I think you’ll find tremendously rewarding.

So what should one do? Do we just talk about discipline or is there a measurable way to implement it. If we implement it, how do we decide what to implement. Well in just a few words I’m going to expand on a few thoughts I think are critical.

1) Discipline yourself to review your goals every day. Commit to the discipline of reviewing your goals every single day. You must know what we want in order to get what we want. And if you’re not focused on what you want, not clearly committed to what you want any road will take you to where you may or may not want to end up.

2) Discipline yourself to review the “why” behind select goals. We must stay disciplined about why we want what we want. It’s not enough to head west across the Rockies, we need to know there’s California and gold on the other side. It takes discipline to consistently REMIND yourself of these objectives. But that discipline will carry you through those tough and challenging times

3) Leverage Mini Habits to build your disciplines. There’s a great book out there called “Mini Habits” and the concept is really simple. The premise of building any habit is that 95% of the challenge is getting started. Once you’ve started it’s actually quite a bit easier to keep going continuously. But it’s the start, that inertia, that is the killer. You must use discipline to carry yourself through the days, weeks, or even months when things are challenging and you have that massive goal.

And there you have it, if you can simply start with these three principles in mind. Write down a few disciplines you want to start off with and begin right now with implementing them, you’re going to be in great shape.

Hope that was helpful, let’s keep crushing!





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