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It’s Monday again. And I’ve been traveling and my editor is on vacation, but I’m not without posting another vid. You see as much as many people might not like to think this, sales is absolutely critical in life. Sales is a skill that helps with almost everything.

Persuasion, negotiation and promotion are extremely powerful life skills that can help anyone go further and get ahead wherever they may be.

You see if you can sell, then you have a business. If you can’t sell – well then, no matter how great you product / service or strategy is you’re going to fail. Sales and marketing are the life blood of any success organization. Sales and marketing is the life of Crushvertise. Sales and marketing is what I’ve done the past 10 years.

In this post I’m going to dive into quite a bit more depth on this topic and this is simply an introduction to overall high level qualities to search for when considering top sales people and thinking for yourself about what it takes to be a great sales person.

Enjoy your week and let me know what you think.

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