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You may have heard of it, it’s a 3.5 day event where Tony Robbins (a.k.a Anthony Robbins) and Joseph McClendon III lead a crowd of individuals to “break through their fear” literally and figuratively walking on fire coals. This “fear” for many of us is anchored in deep rooted beliefs and the event covers a variety of topics based off Anthony Robbin’s main philosophies for living an outstanding life.

In this post I’ll cover 1) a high-level summary of the content and teaching and 2) my overall experience and thoughts on the event, wether or not it’s something you should consider attending for yourself or your business team.


Let’s talk first about the setting. This event is LARGE. There were roughly 12,000 attendees. It was held in an arena so unless you’re shelling out $1000’s for front row seats you will be viewing speakers from a distance. That said the energy, the staff and how it is set I think they did an excellent job at reaching all those attending no matter where their seats were.

At the start of the event and throughout the days you’re going through a massive 3.5 day state pump. Each day you start out by dancing to the likes of Rhianna, Calvin Harris and David Guetta while you move your body up / down, side to side and get your physiology moving.

The fire walk was done on the FIRST DAY! Yep, that’s right they truck in searing hot coals and create these paths anywhere from 8-15 feet, 3 feet wide laid out and you walk across them. In our case they had around 40 rows, and when you’re walking, you’re stepping up and being coached by trainers in the front and trainers at the finish. Along with water hoses to rinse off any loose ambers or coals.

The content is well structure and simple. One of Tony’s main mantras is “complexity is the enemy of execution.” And they do an excellent job of keeping things simple and actionable.

We’ll quickly touch on the high-level contents of each day and then dive a bit deeper into each of them.

Day 1: Tony runs you through elements of practical psychology, his model of human needs, forms of communication and fears and you finish off with the fire walk.

Day 2: Joseph introduces you to Tony’s “Neuro Associative Conditioning.” We go through what it takes to make lasting changes, and how to ask for what you want intelligently.

Day 3: Tony re-enters to discuss life balances. Values, beliefs and his “Dickens Process” for destroying limiting beliefs and empowering new ones. He also shows us what it takes to achieve mastery.

Day 4: Is all about health. Or as they put it energy and vitality. I won’t go into all the concepts here but I will say it was quite an eye opener – even for a guy like myself who focuses on a healthy lifestyle and really tries to optimize his diet and lifestyle.

Day 1 Expanded: This is a psychology review, mostly. What stops us from moving forward is our fear. And the two biggest fears all humans share are:

  1. We’re not enough
  2. We won’t be loved

The quality of our lives are determined by the patterns of emotions we experience. It’s not the things you get, but the feelings you assign to the things you’re getting that shapes the quality of your life. Think of people you know who are extremely wealthy but totally miserable, and then think of individuals who are completely poor and totally fulfilled. You don’t have to feel angry and stressed to be productive. You can feel completely happy and fulfilled while stretching yourself to greatness.

We experience emotions through #1 our pattern of physiology (how we use our physical body, breathe, poster, move) #2 our patter of focus, where focus goes, energy flows. If you ask better questions you direct your focus to better answers. #3 the patter of language and meaning you give things. If you say to yourself I am so “overwhelmed” vs I am so “busy” or you say to yourself I am “excited” vs. I am “nervous” the feelings and sensations can be quite close in comparison and only have minor differences but have quite different meanings.

What drives human beings? Our needs, and according to Robbins we have four primal and two spiritual.

  1. Certainty – To know we are safe, have shelter, food, water etc.
  2. Uncertainty/variety – To experience ranges of emotions, life experiences, foods
  3. Significance – To be special and recognized. For many significance is found through hanging on to being a “victim” as that gets them attention and recognition.
  4. Love & Connection – To feel connected to someone or something. We can also feel connected through an aggressive interaction.

The two spiritual are:

  1. Growth
  2. Contribution

Humans can meet these needs in both healthy and unhealthy ways.

Finally we ended by going through what the firewalk was all about. And to be honest it’s hard to put it in words, but Tony pumps your state multiple times through dancing, music, movement, and then gives you protips on how you walk across first. The primary steps were:

1. Focus on what you want! You must learn to look where you’re going, not where you don’t want to go. When you’re lined up and you see the coals on the ground – we have a temptation to focus on what we’re afraid of rather than where you want to go. You want to focus on looking forward and slightly upward.

2. Guard your internal language! When you’re walking across searing hot coals people have the tendency to say things out loud and in their head such as “oh shit” “that’s hot” “my feet burning” and these words of fear can distract and hurt your efforts to cross the coals. Instead you want to focus and so we were given the mantra “Cool Moss” to repeat over and over to keep the focus.

3. Keep your state high! While waiting to walk on fire, behind 8,000 other people (I assume about a third didn’t walk) you can imagine that you’re in line and waiting and getting into thoughts of fear and a lower energy state. What we did was clap our hands together and chant “Yes!” while as we slowly walked to the coals.

I know this sounds a bit out there, and I guess you could consider walking on fire to be a bit of that. But once you get to that other side, the celebration and feelings of victory are like no other. The experience was quite joyful.


Day 2 Expanded: Joseph McClendon III came on stage and lead us through a LOT of content.  It was a long day of very dense content.

We started with studying the basics of Neuro Associative Conditioning’s (NAC). The ultimate success formula 1) know your outcome, 2) know your reasons why, 3) take massive action, 4) know what you’re getting and 5) change your approach until you get your result.

Beliefs are powerful – they’re defined as a feeling of certainty about what something means. To have lasting change you MUST internalize these four beliefs:

1. It MUST change NOW.

2. I must change it NOW.

3. I CAN change it NOW.

4. Bonus belief: The PAST does not equal the FUTURE unless you live there.

Three steps to getting lasting change are 1) get leverage 2) interrupt the pattern and 3) create an empowering alternative. In order to build momentum for change: 1) put yourself in a peak state, 2) find your passion, 3) decide, commit and resolve. You must also 4) take immediate, intelligent, consistent, massive action. 5) Lastly, be S.M.A.R.T strengthen, measure, assess, reinforce and take new action.

To achieve anything in life you must ASK INTELLIGENTLY: that means:

1. Ask specifically. 2. Ask someone who can help you. 3. Create value for the person you’re asking. 4. Ask with focused congruent belief. 5. Ask until you get what you want. Remember your state can be changed in an instant.

State is controlled by three things: 1) Focus 2) Language 3) Physiology (your body)

Towards the end of the day we entered in the final stretch covering business segments.

What are the three things that can hold you back? 1. Failure to anticipate the road ahead. 2. Lack of follow through. 3. Your own psychology / mindset.

Mastering your business comes down to the four core forces:

1. Top line acceleration

2. Bottom line growth

3. Strategic innovation

4. Breakthrough marketing

To master your business you must know where you really are and create an effective business map. Constantly innovate strategically with you products, services and delivery. World-Class marketing and product promises. Constant improvement of sales, mastery, and systems. Constant anticipation. The power of financial & legal analysis. Constant optimization and maximization of people culture process and execution. Constantly creating raving fans and culture.

An extraordinary quality of life requires mastering two skills:

1. The science of achievement. Seeing something and learning how to make it real.

2. The art of fulfillment. The ability to feel happiness and joy in the process; to delight in the experience of life.

The secret to wealth and happiness is to become a team player. Happiness comes from progress. Progress shows up in the form of growth and in a sense of contribution.

Two key beliefs: 1) people do the best they can with the resources they have 2) there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states.

Day 3 Expanded:

This day was all about transformation.

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